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About Projekt Duga

Projekt Duga means: Project Rainbow where the rainbow represents the sign of a friendship alliance as we encountered with Noah after the flood. Our project is located in the "Kordun" (former Krajina), an abandoned region in the interior of Croatia, close to the border with Bosnia. The region is characterized by the presence of minorities: Serbian returnees, Croatian Muslims and Croats who fled from Bosnia after the war. It is a forgotten region. In everything a great challenge to work on reconciliation and a friendship alliance. The project has been active since May 1999 and focuses on single elderly people and children and young people.

The project has its own camping area and can accommodate 30 to 40 people, has 3 camping cabins with 5 beds each, some caravans, a simple kitchen and café in a stable ("Café Bethlehem"). The camping site is maintained by the local youth and children of "De Leeuwenend" and by the groups that come to visit us.


Projekt Duga started in 1999 as an initiative of Dutch and Croatian volunteers from different churches. At the moment the project is mainly supported by the Evangelical Congregation Jonah in Ede, but volunteers are participants from different (types of) churches.



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Renovation of camping houses - help as a donor - summer 2020

Written by  Wednesday, 05 August 2020 23:34

Help with: https://supp.to/kampeerhuisjes-croatie

The first donations! In total 360 of the 2100 euros. Super. But how nice would it be if we get the three camping houses completely renovated this summer?

Condition of the houses, July 2020

Here is a provisional list of points of interest as noted on arrival in Croatia on July 20, 2020

Condition of the houses:

  1. Holes in roofs due to hail impact.
  2. Exterior walls damaged due to hail impact.
  3. Beds need to be repaired (especially slatted bases).
  4. Windows and doors need to be replaced.
  5. Locks and fittings on windows and doors.
  6. Current terraces have to be renovated again (tiles broken, concrete damaged).
  7. New terraces needed in addition to houses for shade.
  8. Covering new terraces by extending the roof.
  9. Ceilings need to be repaired.
  10. Interior paneling.
  11. Furnishing houses (curtains, cooker, coffee machine).
  12. Electricity for the cottages must be installed.
  13. Outdoor shower and water supply must be constructed.
  14. Shared picnic area must be established.
  15. Planting trees for future shade.
  16. Laying out gardens around camping houses.

The estimate is that this will cost 700 euros per house in terms of materials.

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