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About Projekt Duga

Project Duga translates to Project Rainbow, where the rainbow symbolizes a covenant as seen in Noah's story after the flood. It represents God's covenant with "every living soul" where everyone has an equal opportunity to live through His Life. Our project and its name have absolutely nothing to do with LGTBHKLMOP politics or any other political agenda.

Our project is located in "Kordun" (formerly Krajina), an abandoned region in the inland of Croatia, near the border with Bosnia. The region is characterized by the presence of minorities: returning Serbs, Croatian Muslims, and Croatians who fled from Bosnia after the war. It is a forgotten region, presenting a great challenge to work towards reconciliation and a bond of friendship. The project has been active since May 1999 and focuses on single seniors, children, and youth.

The project has its own campsite accommodating 30 to 50 people. It consists of three camping cabins, each with six beds, a sleeping loft with 16 beds, several caravans, a simple kitchen, and a café in a stable ("Café Bethlehem"). The campsite is maintained by local youth and children from "The Lion Gang" and by visiting groups.


Projekt Duga started in 1999 as an initiative of Dutch and Croatian volunteers from different churches. At the moment the project is mainly supported by the Evangelical Congregation Jonah in Ede, but volunteers are participants from different (types of) churches.



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Foreign travel students V5 and H4 - April / May 2022

Written by  Monday, 28 March 2022 10:07

Below is some information about a successful group trip in the context of Traveling abroad for students from the Netherlands. It concerned a group of 40 people who all found a place to sleep in our camping houses and in the attic of the Youth Hostel / Hostel "Blue House Croatia".

Secondary school Het Pantarijn from Wageningen

Soon we will be traveling again. From April 16 to April 22, we expect a group of 40 students at our project location "In the Middle of Nowhere". In this article some practical information for those who also consider coming to visit us. This time a trip abroad, organized by the RSG Pantarijn, a secondary school in Wageningen. Let us know via the contact page if your school is also interested in a similar adventure and a fully organized trip abroad for your students.

Excursions within Croatia

We get the complete project location in use from "Projekt Duga". See Google Maps for more info: https://goo.gl/maps/rXkN1HoqbiYJCAPU9 - Furthermore, we use four days for four domestic excursions. Check out this padlet for some information:

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