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Since January 2014, Ms. Milica Rasic (named: grandma Kika) has been living with us at the project location (Donja Brusovaca 8, Vojnic). Since May 1999, we have been taking care of the maintenance of Ms as a foundation and as a project. The lady has no income and is entirely dependent on the donations that come in for her through the Crossroads Foundation. This means about 200 € in expenses every month. We have 70 € in fixed donations for her per month and the rest is paid from other donations or by Meindert and Samira Jorna. Monthly costs are: wood for the stove, food and drink, medication, electricity, TV subscription, telephone and the bi-weekly visit by someone else (currently by parents of Samira Jorna).

These monthly maintenance costs have been a concern all these years, but Grandma Kika has a bigger concern and that concerns her funeral. Every day she asks the question: "Who is going to bury me?". Grandma Kika (born 01.06.1924) has no family to take care of her and has no means of her own to contribute to the costs of a possible funeral. This funeral fund is being set up to accommodate her concerns. We hope to have collected the minimum required amount of 2500 € within a few months. To this end, we will not only approach those involved in Projekt Duga, but also the residents in Croatia.

Below the "Kika-Meter".

Kika-meter betreffende het begrafenis fonds van Kika.
€ 2500
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
€ 150
donation thermometer

Contributions can be transferred to account NL72 SNSB 0935 2199 00 in the name of Stichting Kruispunt, Wageningen.