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Within [[Projekt DUGA]] we now (2012) have more than 12 years of experience in devising youth programs based on Biblical stories and events. I (Meindert Jorna) want to use that experience by organizing workshops. At the moment you can register via the contact form for the following workshops:

1) [[Animations]] and drawing in relation to [[Gospel]] message

Themes and subjects: What is the message, what is the purpose of the message, which story do I choose for this, how do I portray this, with which technique and materials and how do I do that?

2) Summer and winter camps for teens

Points of attention: main theme and red line during camp, sub-themes, elaboration of themes, drama, play, bible stories, bible texts, daily schedule, division of the group into small groups, boys and girls, difference in age, cultural and religious backgrounds, social economic backgrounds, family situation.

3) [[Puppet show]] and [[hand puppet]] workshop

During this workshop we will pay attention to the following: Extra possibilities by using hand puppets, voting technique, story lines, making a hand puppet, decor and making a mobile puppet show.

4) Use of [[social media]] and website use

When working with young people in missionary work in general, more and more attention is being paid to Social Media. What are those? Are we that social? How do I deal with that? What is the sense and nonsense, use and nonsense of Social Media like [[Facebook]], [[Twitter]], [[YouTube]], [[Linkedin]] and others? Tips and tricks!

The workshops are usually held in the environment of {phocamaps view = link | id = 1 | text = Ede / Wageningen} but the workshops can also be organized at your church, school, company or even at your home. From Leeuwarden to Maastricht. A workshop will be organized with sufficient registration. Do not forget to sign up for the newsletter and stay informed via Facebook.