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We don't have much experience with hockey at Projekt Duga yet. In the Netherlands I had found two hockey sticks at the Emmaus in Wageningen and when we wanted to do a hockey competition on the beach last summer I realized that we need more hockey sticks for that. This was solved by using golf sticks but the combination of golf sticks and inexperienced hockey players was rather dangerous. The game: two small plastic goals made of plastic water pipe, two teams and the first team to score 3 goals wins. Circle around the goal. No one is allowed in there. Goalkeeper is not necessary. When hitting a foot, the opposing team may immediately take over the ball and play continues.

Two weeks ago I again found 2 hockey sticks at the thrift store. We still need a dozen second-hand hockey sticks to be able to play real hockey. We use tennis balls as a ball. In Brusovaca (project location) we have access to a grass surface and a sand field.