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It's getting busy!
At the moment 4 young people from the Netherlands are staying with us .....
At this moment 4 young people from the Netherlands are staying with us who have come for next week's prayer week. This weekend we hope for a number of more participants and Camp Manuel is also visited by more and more local young people. Tomorrow is Lion Gang Day again and this time I expect we will have a group of 30.
Lion gang
The Lion Gang is still the core of our work in Croatia. The visit from the Netherlands fits in perfectly with this. Next week our young people will help out in the kitchen and take care of the guests' stay. There are 43 participants on the Leeuwen list and tomorrow we expect 3 more participants. Yet it remains a point of concern and prayer that this will become a close-knit group. Because so far the fixed group of participants consists of only 10 to 15 children and young people.
The theme “Talents” started last week . This theme will receive attention until the end of the summer. Which talents? Why talents? What have you done with it? What are you going to do with it?
The bee project
The bee project is also getting busier. There are now 10 bee colonies installed and every Saturday they are checked and maintained by the children of the Lion Gang. We have now come up with a sponsor project and the brochure can be found in the attachment or can be requested via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Week of prayer, summer camp, Kika and other things

The week of prayer starts from Sunday. It is held in Velika Kladusa, Bosnia. The goal is to pray 24 hours a day for Bosnia for a week. In the meantime, the participants will stay at Camp Manuel (with us) and we will provide meals for them together with local youth. For example, we have our own youth camp at home. The annual summer camp by the sea is planned from 2 August. Sponsorship is still very much needed because 50% finances are arranged. Grandma Kika still suffers a lot from all sorts of health complaints, but she is stable again. For Samira, the application is still pending at the IND for recognition of her European law and right of residence in the Netherlands because of our joint life and residence in Croatia. We expect a final decision within 3 weeks.

(2 kilos and 149 grams of documents sent from Croatia to IND)