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About Projekt Duga

Projekt Duga means Project Rainbow. In the rainbow we see the desire of God to enter into a covenant with people. Our project is located in the "Kordun" (former Krajina) a deserted area in the inlands of Croatia, near the border with Bosnia. The region is characterized by the presence of minorities: Serbian returnees, Croatian Muslims and Bosnian Croats who fled after the war from Bosnia. It is a forgotten region. In all a great challenge to the power of the Gospel, the only message that can lead to genuine reconciliation. The project has been running since May 1999 and focuses mainly on elderly and children and youth.

At the moment we give particular attention to the children's weekend club (Lion Gang), the annual summer and winter camps, while we are looking for groups that want to visit us. The project has its own campsite and can accommodate 30 people. The campground is maintained by the local youth and children of Lion Gang and the groups that come to visit us. For 2016 we still have room for four groups. The purpose of the camping site is to make it a "Do-It-Yourself-Camp" and to offer a base for reaching out to the people in Croatia and Bosnia.

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Friday, 30 March 2018 21:37

Spaarpot project locatie

In 2017 is begonnen met extra bouwwerkzaamheden rond de kantine en het café om daar een soort leslokaal van te maken en plaats waar gezamelijk gegeten kan worden. Verder hebben we helaas nog altijd heel veel achterstallig onderhoud en jaarlijks terugkerende werkzaamheden als grasmaaien (2 hectare) en struiken verwijderen. Dit alles is meegenomen in de begroting en uitgaande van de begroting komen we op een maandbedrag van 245 euro per maand die nodig is om onderhoud op niveau te houden. Zie hiernaast de donatie termometer.

begroting 2018 spaarpot onderhoud project locatie


Published in Spaarpotten
Wednesday, 14 March 2018 17:59

Ondersteuning voor de bus gezocht

De bus is kapot....


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